Now A days everybody owns a mobile phone with camera.And it is really interesting and simple to use your mobile phone  camera as webcam for your yahoo,gtalk or any other messenger.So if you dont have a webcam and doesnot want to waste money on buying a new one then this is the best solution for you.For using your mobile camera as a webcam you need to have a symbian mobile phone or a windows mobile phone as the application that we will be using only works on the symbian or windows platform.This application is free to download and use.Moreover,It is an open source project .

smartcam0 How to Use Mobile Camera As Webcam

The Download Link For this application Is given below

Click Here To Download Smartcam

For Smartcam to work you have

1.Install it in both your computer and mobile phone.

2.Bluetooth in your mobile and computer.

First download and install the windows file in your computer and then mobile file in your mobile phone.Now connect both the devices using Internet.

Now you can use your mobile phone camera as a webcam