Previously I have posted about downloading Torrent Files using IDM using Torcache and Torrific. But now the Torrific Website is Down due to heavy pressure. This is due to the closing of different File sharing Sites such as Fileserver, filesonic, medifire and all those sites.But now my friends are unable to download anything from the Internet and in most of the Offices and Colleges utorrent client is blocked. So now I am going to tell you a method using which you can download Torrent files easily.

We will be using a Site named as ZbigZ .

1. Visit ZbigZ and Signup in order to start.

2. After that Visit and search for your file.

3. Then Download the torrent file from any server.

4. Now Open your ZbigZ page and Click on upload button and load your torrent file.

5. After uploading the torrent file the server twill take a while to make your File ready for downloading. After a while there will a Green Color download button in the right hand side of  the page.

Then Click on the Button to start your Download before that it will ask another question and click on “Free” so that you can download it for free.

Now Download High speed Torrent files easily when they are blocked. (