Hello friends, these tips is for all those who have windows XP and windows 7 and those wants to fix their corrupted files in windows XP and in windows 7. My computer also had been suffered from this kind of problem and I maintained it through the help of following tips. Well this is a good and full proof way to fix corrupt file.


In Windows XP

1. At first you need have a XP CD to solve this problem.

 2. Now, place or  put that CD in your CD or DVD drive.

 3. Go to Start button.

4. Go to Run

5. And in the Run command type “SFC / SCANNOW“.

6. This process should fix your corrupt.

7. Now, boot from your windows XP CD, then ignore the first repair option you get by pressing the R and when it shows you windows XP is already installed then you will see Repair option, select it and just start and repair it. it won’t affect any of installed software from your system.

Note: You could also attempt a defragment of your hard drive, as fragmentations of files can sometimes produce errors.

In windows 7

This tricks is as same as a process of windows XP. Here it is.

1. At first, go and turn on your system means your computer.

2. Then before open your windows, login as Administrator.

3. Click start and go to All programs.

4. Go to Accessories.

5. After that right click on command prompt and select “Run as Administrator“.

6. Now, just type “SFC/SCANNOW” in the command prompt and hit or press the enter button.

7. Now, it will take several minutes to scan for damaged systems files and verifies its integrity.

8. Don’t panic. Wait till the process of scanning is 100% or fully complete.

9. After the process finished, close out the command prompt window and reboot your system.

Note: Both process are seems same, but there is some different uses of command so, be careful while doing it and use the command correctly.